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We’d like to extend our appreciation of your support to our work.

We thought of something, created it and put it out there for you. You showed faith in us and we value that! So to show our gratitude, we’ve brought you something that’s bigger and better, and will catapult you way ahead the competition!

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While Vidify is going all out to ensure that you always remain in the line of vision of your audience, more than ANY other brand and Ultimate missing stellar engagement levels across ALL social media platforms, we wanted to give you something more.

Now even though we know there is NOTHING like what we gave you in Vidify, we wanted to challenge ourselves because there is always room for improvement.

So we put ourselves through the acid test and brainstormed about what we could do more…we toiled for months, got some beta testers onboard, incorporated some valuable feedback, worked it about and saw that we had created A Viral Video Monster!

If you thought Vidify was good (and who doesn’t?) wait till you see this!

We bring you

Vidify Ultimate

This one-off upgrade price to Vidify Ultimate includes:

Unlimited Video Campaigns

Videos have now completely conquered the Internet. Video is the future of content marketing. We have entered an age where people watch more videos online than they watch television. With the Ultimate Version of our software, you can create Unlimited videos per Month, and watch people lining up to add to your traffic and leads!

Extended access To HD Royalty Free Videos/ Images

The first impression counts. You cannot ignore the power of visual appeal in your videos. A Higher quality Video clips or Images can boost your social shares, engage with humor, add character to your Video and make content easier to read and remember. The Videos or images you use will make or break your campaign. Now find Extended access to the relevant royalty free HD Library with a click – just enter your keyword in the search box and find a range of beautiful HD images for you to work with.

Extended Storage

For MORE videos, you would need MORE storage and we have taken care of the fact at Vidify. In ultimate, You get an extended 2GB dedicated storage to manage, optimize and Monitor your Viral and Trending Videos.

ADD Up To 5 Team Members with an Additional Personal Storage

It’s always beneficial to be working with more people. Get an amazing option to add up to 5 Team Members in Vidify Ultimate to harness the actual power of the software. Each Team Member would have their own separate set of Login Credentials created by the main account holder.

Add your OWN Voice-over or record directly via “WEBCAM”:

Other than uploading different Media files to include in your videos Vidify lets you directly record a Voice over or Videos via your webcam. Post recording just edits your clips and include them in your videos.

Awesome 100+ Effects and Premium DFY Templates

You don’t need to channel your inner Picasso every time you have to create a Video. We hired the best designers in the industry to create an extensive range of awesome Additional 100+ effects and 20 DFY templates for you. Transition Effects and Templates are the fuel for Vidify thus making it easy for freelance Video makers to make, publish and sell their Videos.

YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion Integration

So we’ve already established that video is a GREAT way of engaging your audience in your posts. And with our inbuilt video editor, making top notch videos is simple that your 6-year-old can do it. But with Vidify Ultimate, we give you the authority to embed your YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion video into your post. On a social network Like Facebook, Vidify DOES NOT just share the Video, It uploads it over your Page or Group so that you can leverage when the video gets shared. That way, you showcase your professional video expertise to your audience and draw more traffic to your video channel!

Add Watermark on your videos

Get an option to Import YOUR OWN LOGO and BRAND your videos with your watermark. Surely this is going to get your name out there on every share you will get.

Now the total packaging value of all this good stuff is a cool $1500

For the duration of this launch, you can claim your copy of Vidify Ultimate at the lowest price you’ll ever see... WITHOUT paying a monthly subscription.

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Who is Vidify Ultimate For?

Vidify Ultimate is for the power marketers who want a definite competitive advantage in their visibility online. It’s the perfect medium to engage their target audience and boost their lead gen. It also facilitates if you run an agency dedicated towards the video promotion, with this:

It’s perfect for:

Internet Marketer

Social Media Manager

Freelance Designer

Video Maker or Marketer

Facebook Marketer


Or any kind of Digital
Content Creator

So if YOU fit any of these categories as a marketer (and we’re pretty sure you DO) then...

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Vidify Ultimate - Lifetime OTO1

As already mentioned, Vidify Ultimate is going to be around for an extremely limited time. We only want fast action takers to get the benefits of the advanced features of the Ultimate version.

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Enjoy the convenience of embedding your YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion videos to your posts and get set to monetize. If you have any questions at all, or need a little extra help to get the most out of the Ultimate version, simply contact our support desk and we’ll be pleased to assist you.

In the unlikely event you don’t think Vidify Ultimate is right for you, simply contact us for a 100% refund of your investment within 30-days of purchase.

We’ll cheerfully refund every dime... without question or hassle.

What could be fairer than that?

Madhav Dutta